Four Seasons

My favorite part about the Walla Walla weather is the four distinct seasons we have here. I am from the Seattle area so we have rain almost year-round – just to give you an idea, Seattle gets an average of 37 inches of rain and 225 cloudy days in a year. With that said, we almost set a new record this year with our recent 48 days of no rain!

But back to Walla Walla – if you walk along Boyer Ave these days, you will see an unmistakable fall scene. The sidewalks are lined with orange leaves everywhere but the sun is still out so you don’t see anyone bundled up in their winter clothes yet. In the winter, we get snow and there are always some students for whom it’s the first time they’ve seen snow in their life! Spring is variable – cold to start with but definitely warms up and there isn’t too much rain. Summer in Walla Walla is really hot!! And there’s a fountain that students like to cool off in…the Chinese native speaker who lives in my house even started calling it the “bikini fountain” because she has walked by so many students sitting in there in their bathing suits!

Here’s the fountain that students like to cool off in:

Here’s a view from my apartment last December 🙂

White Christmas!

Andddd a CRAZY thunderstorm we had last semester! (Photo courtesy of a friend)

View from the same apartment as above!


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