Heading into the “real world…”

I am actually really excited about it! I was just talking about this with a friend this past week and I think Whitman has done a phenomenon job of making me want to stay in Whitman and Walla Walla for these amazing four years but also making me feel ready and excited to venture out of Walla Walla after graduation 🙂

I actually will not be done being a student after graduation. My current two plans are either going to teach English in China for a year and come back to medical school after that or go straight to medical school. Right now, I am leaning towards the latter, which means I will be a student four at least 7 more years – 4 in medical school and at least 3 as a resident. And the exciting part is, I may be able to come back to Walla Walla for a clinical rotation!!!! So graduation definitely will not be the last time I will be in Walla Walla and Whitman!

Even though I will still be a student, I am positive that the atmosphere of graduate/medical school is very different to that of an undergraduate institution. When I was interviewing at the medical school, most of the applicants who were also there were older than me and had their Master’s degrees already. Some people even start medical school after obtaining their PhDs! So in that sense, even though I will still be in school, I think the atmosphere will very much reflect that of a “real world.” And Whitman has definitely prepared me for it inside the classroom and outside of it through different leadership positions, jobs, internships, etc. And hopefully, I will be able to give back and act as a mentor as an alum to future Whitties the way my multiple mentors have helped me accomplish my goals.

So in short, my immediate post graduate plans are still up in the air but as my advisor would say, it is a good dilemma and I will be making some final decisions in the next month!



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